The Best Charlie Heaton Movies and TV Shows to Watch

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Charlie Heaton Movies and TV Shows

Through this article you can discover today Best Charlie Heaton Movies and TV Shows and you’ll definitely love to watch them, but before you’ll discover his movies and tv shows, we’ll give a short information about himself. All of his fans also know him as Jonathan Byres, the role of famous TV series Stranger Things on Netflix and he played this role very well in this series. Charlie Heaton has also worked in movies like Shut In, As you are, Marrowbone and The New Mutants.

Charlie Heaton Movies and TV Shows

Now, you can discover here Charlie Heaton Movies and TV Shows and we hope you might enjoy them when you watch them, If you’ll enjoy then please comeback on this site and discover more Stars Movies and TV Shows.

Charlie Heaton Movies :-

1. Shut In (2016)

Shut In (2016)

Shut In is a psychological thriller film and it was released in 2016, This film is about a widowed child psychologist, who is Mary Portman and Naomi Watts played the role of this character. She lives alone in a quiet place in Maine. Her husband dies in a car accident but he left his 18 year old son Stephen Portman (Role Played by Charlie Heaton) with his stepmother in a very difficult condition, he can’t speak properly and can’t even speak. He relies on Mary for everything because he can’t do things on his own.

Charlie Heaton acted as Stephen Portman in this Movie, Stephen is a teenager boy and he is dealing with his own problems. Stephen can’t walk properly, so he is in a wheelchair and he can’t talk even properly. Sometime he got very upset and mad. he takes out his frustration on Mary.

If you want to watch this for knowing more about this film, you can watch it on Prime Video.

2. Marrowbone (2017)

Marrowbone (2017)

Marrowbone is a psychological horror drama film, it was Directed by Sergio G. Sánchez and it was released in 2017. In the story of this film you can see four siblings who have moved into an old mansion which is Marrowbone and the siblings adopt their surname as Marrowbone for keeping their identity hidden. However, the siblings started facing weird and scary things in this mansion, but they think that it is their mom’s ghost.

If we talk about Charlie Heaton’s role in this movie, he played the role of Billy Marrowbone. Billy is the eldest of the siblings and he has to protect his younger siblings from scary and weird things. and if you want to know more about this psychological horror drama film, please watch this movie on Prime Video.

3. No Future (2021)

No Future (2021)

No Future is a Drama Film is directed by Andrew Irvine, Mark Smoot and this movie was released in 2021. The story of this film shows you a Guy, who is Will, Charlie Heaton has played this role, Will used to take drugs, but now he is trying to stay away from Drugs, after being addicted. He comes back home because of his friend, who is Chris (Role Played by Jefferson White), he passed away from an overdose. and here Will meets with Chris’ mom, who is Claire (Role Played by Catherine Keener) and Will started secret and kind of volatile affair with her.

In this movie Charlie Heaton has played the role of Will, was very addictive of Drugs and now he is trying to stay away from this. If you want to know more about this film and also want to see his performance in this film, then you should definitely try this Movie, you can watch it on Apple TV+.

Charlie Heaton TV Shows :-

1. Stranger Things (2016 – 2022)

Stranger Things Season 1

Stranger Things is a Horror, thriller and Science Fictional Drama Series, which was Directed by The Duffer Brothers, and they have released four seasons of this series and now they are going to start shooting of Fifth and final season of this series.

First Season of this series basically focuses on a Child, who is William Byers (Role Played by Noah Schnapp) and one day he is going to his home on his bycicle and he goes missing out from The Hawkins Town, then his Friends Mike, Dustin and Lucas try to find him with the help of a Girl with Supernatural powers, Who is Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown has Played this role).

If we talk about Charlie Heaton’s Role, He played the role of Jonathan Byres, who is William Byres’ Elder Brother and he is very talented Photographer, with the help of his photograph, he found some clue, which is connected with his younger brother’s disappearing. If you want to know more about this series, then you should definitely try this Series. You can watch it on Netflix.

2. Soulmates (2020)

Soulmates (2020)

Soulmates is a Science Fictional Anthology Series. Through this series you can explore the ideas of soulmates, In the near future a new technology developed, with the help of this technology people can scientifically Find their soulmates.

This Series shows you the lives of different people, who use this technology to find their soul mates. Charlie Heaton has played the role of Matt, who is very Successful Businessman and He also Use this technology for finding a serious relationship and he believes that this is the best chance to find it.

If you also want to Explore this technology through this series, then you can watch this series on Prime Video.

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